Heartworm in Connecticut

We had a request last week from a Drumbeat member. They are the Clinton Veterinary Hospital and they certainly march to the beat of their own drum. They request two things:

  1. That they have a venue to communicate a concern to all dogs living in Connecticut in honor of national heartworm awareness month.
  2. They have an opportunity to promote their business and their services!

See how it pays to be a Drumbeat member?

So here it is- what you need to know about heartworm disease in dogs!


Heartworm disease is highly treatable. But, and here’s the catch, you have to actually test for to treat it! By the time you start seeing concerning clinical signs (like coughing, lethargy, etc) the disease has already progressed to such an extent that the disease could be life-threatening!

So how does a dog get heartworm? It all starts with that pesky mosquito! The mosquito injects the larva of the heartworm disease into the bloodstream of the dog. From there it enters the chambers of the heart. It takes a whopping six months for the worms to mature from larva to adults.

The problem is when a mosquito first bites a carrier for the disease and then bites an unaffected animal. But is there a way to prevent this disease? Yes! You can use Heartgard products on a monthly basis to prevent heartworm disease in dogs! At Clinton, we offer Heartgard at multiple volumes but we most highly recommend the heartgard 12 months. The lowest amount offered is a box of 6 months but you get a better deal by going for the 12 months all at once.

The product contains pyrantel and ivermectin both of which works to destroy heartworms at both the larval and adult stages. While heartgard is not cheap, it is far cheaper than the cost of a complicated heartworm treatment!




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