Drum Beat is a blog for local business news. Here you will find information about running a small business in Denver, Aurora, and its surrounding metro areas. We started the blog in 2010 to promote local business in this area. Now it has become a resource house for small business owners.

Denver has lots of prospects for new businesses. Many people from other states are moving here for better living condition and jobs. Opening a new business in a new place is extremely challenging. You need to know about the city, the people, the laws, and policies, etc. You need to find out whether you will get a good market for your product or not.

Denver has developed in many ways throughout the years. Its real estate industry has expanded. Lots of new opportunities for business are available due to urbanization. This blog will help people who want to start up a business here. They will get all the information they need to start a successful business. Write to us for any specific queries you may have.