Drum Beat is an online magazine that follows local small businesses in the Denver metro area. Here you will find information about running a small business, articles about what works and what doesn’t, free resources to promote your business and a mountain of networking opportunities.

Denver has developed in many ways throughout the years. Its real estate industry has expanded. There are plenty of new opportunities for business due to urbanization and rapid population growth. But this doesn’t apply to just Denver. The surrounding metro area like Aurora, Lakewood, Englewood and Centennial are ripe with opportunity and this blog is made to cover it all!

We love entrepreneurs and we love great writing. A big part of our magazine comes from the voice of Denver metro area business owners like you. You know, the people on the front lines? That’s who we focus on here and that’s what makes our magazine great. So please, if you have a story to tell about your business or your entrepreneur success (or failure!) please contact us and tell us about it!