Ready to buy a condominium

In preparation to buy a mansion for one of the most important is money. However, some people may be ready to deposit more than. In other words, is ready. Not only the amount of property to buy the apartment said the deposit is required, but the repair reserve for six minutes or membership fees for fire insurance, group life insurance, various things costs quite to have. Nearly ¥ 1600000 money may be needed in the run-up to buy houses or 20000 Yen revenue stamp is required to mortgage application to the Bank and not uncommon. 3 million yen close to when you buy a condo so come to think of it, likes to have spare 2 million circles at least, cash has become necessary. Household goods according to the room after you have bought a new apartment house, in addition to moving expenses together, and so is the person who takes your money and 5 million yen ready money plus home loan there is. However, using the money seems after doing good, doing to spend would you regret and you later wish to skimp is referred to great shopping in life from what you want. Because I think daily savings is first of all necessary preparations, so that you can try saving and??

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