Top 4 Reasons To Live and Work In Denver

Top 4 Reasons To Live and Work In Denver

Denver is a wonderful place to live. And the world is starting to notice! Over the last several years Denver and the metro area has seen a massive surge in population. Yes, that means more traffic. But that also means more customers! But those of you who don’t know why Denver is so appealing, let’s go over the top 4 reasons Denver is a great place to live and work!

Close to Boulder

I know, we are a Denver-based magazine but we focus on all resources and Boulder is certainly one of them. Boulder is a quick 30 minutes drive from Denver and the college town is also ranked as the second startup accelerator in the US. It attracts hundreds of new startups and businesses every year. Every place in this city including coffee shops and bars are full of entrepreneurial activities. This culture can be seen in Denver too. It also offers a large amount new grads that can help provide the skilled labor needed to grow your business.

By living in Denver, you get the benefits of a big city (instead of a college town) but access to an entrepreneurial hub!

Reasonable Cost of Living

The cost of living here is very low compared to other cities with similar standards of living. While housing was cheap a few years ago, it is steadily increasing. Still, as compared to other major US cities, Denver and the surrounding suburban areas allow for a much more reasonable rent. You will get the best of everything here, including school, university, parks, restaurants, transportation, etc.


In Denver, you will get 300 days of sunshine. It is crazy to even say that! While you normally think of Florida or California when it comes to a number of sunny days, Colorado and Denver beats them both. This makes it easy to stay fit and stay happy!


There are lots of parks and scenic sites in Denver. The mountains are only a short drive and offer a variety of other outdoor activities. Skiers, hikers or poolside loungers will all have plenty to do.

Four Reasons Why Denver Is A Great Place For Start Ups

Four Reasons Why Denver Is A Great Place For Start Ups

According to Forbes, Denver is repeatedly a top-ranked area for business development and career growth. This is for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at a few below:

#1 High Standard of Living at a Reasonable Price

Denver is well positioned as one of the major business hubs of the Midwest. Denver is large enough to provide access to all the amenities of the big city but at a much more reasonable cost.
The city attracts high-quality employees who want a taste of the outdoors too. Employees can enjoy lots of outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, mountain biking, rafting, climbing, snowboarding, etc. You will find great hospitals and universities in the city. Though the cost of living here is slightly more than the national average, you will lead a very high-quality life here. Consider that according to Forbes, the cost of living is 7.8% above the national average. Compare that to New York City where the cost of living is 22% above the national average!

#2 Support from the Mayor and the Governor

The Governor and the Mayor of Denver support the startup scene of the city. They formed ‘Colorado Innovation Network’ which aims to form a network between higher education, research institution, entrepreneurs and the industry leaders. While every city should support job-creating entrepreneurs, not every city does.

#3 An Educated Workforce

Denver has a college attainment rate, again according to Forbes, of 41.8%. Compare that to the 38% offered by New York and you can see how Denver stay competitive with some of the top cities in the world. Every business needs experts and Denver has no shortage of them.

#4 Investment

Denver is one of the best places for early-stage venture capital investment. So, startup companies get a great opportunity to grow their business here.

Denver is a great place to start your startup. There is huge potential and the market is also business-friendly. There is everything present to grow a successful business here.

5 interesting facts about Denver you didn’t know

5 interesting facts about Denver you didn’t know

Denver is Colorado’s capital city. It is famous for its beautiful views, rich culture, and high altitude. Here are some interesting facts about Denver that you should know.

1. Denver wasn’t founded on a major transportation system, unlike the other cities in the state. The settlers discovered gold in this region and so people started to come here. The original settlement was founded by the gold miners and it was called Montana city. Eventually, three cities together became known as Denver, which included Montana City, Auraria, and St. Charles.

2. It is the home to five professional sports teams. NFL (Denver Broncos), NBA (Denver Nuggets), and MLB (Colorado Rockies), NHL (Colorado Avalanche) and MLS (Colorado Rapids). You will find lots of games being held here and many supporters of these games. So, it is a great place for sports enthusiasts.

3. It won’t host Olympics. It was given an invitation to host the 1976 Winter Olympics, but it rejected the invitation over concerns about over populating the city.

4. The Denver International Airport is very large. There are 53 square miles of runways, hangars, and terminals. It is one of the top four largest airports in the U.S. in terms of air traffic.

5. It is the home of the cheeseburger. Louis E. Ballast of Denver has the trademark for this food. He is the owner of the Humpty-Dumpty Barrel Drive-In. He made this delicious burger in 1935 and trademarked it. There is a stone slab in Denver made in his honor.

If you haven’t visited Denver yet, you should. It is a great place to visit with lots of history, culture, and activities. The city is very beautiful and you will have a great time.

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